Eat to Your Heart’s Desire at Chef Wong Restaurant

Do you get random cravings throughout the day? For cravings that come at odd and unusual times, Chef Wong is here to cater to you 24/7. There is nothing better than satisfying your appetite at any time of the day. Chef Wong Restaurant is a taste of authentic Hong Kong cuisine without leaving the country. They are all about bringing the rich flavors of Asian food to the table. Their menu ranges from ala carte to set meals. They have a variety of dishes like vegetable meals, chicken platter, beef platter, meat boodle, and other food that offers an explosion of flavors. You will definitely feel full and satisfied after a hearty meal.

Chef Wong has a classic Asian ambiance with its Zen and earthy interiors. They are always ready to welcome you with their hospitable staff. Once you enter the restaurant, warm greetings await and a warm lighting that perfectly complements the modern furniture. Even if they are visually minimalist, their food does not come short of its extravagance. The dining experience in Chef Wong is a complete package. You can expect excellent service and an attention to details from their team. Come through and feel free to experience this on your own.

If you think that this is too good to be true, here’s another detail that will make you feel more excited about Chef Wong: for a minimum order of 100 AED, you can use your SCOW card and get 20% discount on your total bill for ala carte orders. Infinite possibilities are within reach with Scow discounts. Just visit their website at and find other exciting surprises from the Scow team. We always want to cater to your heart’s desire when it comes to extraordinary dining experience.

Click Hotel (previously Skylight Hotel)
Phone Numbers 054 311 7582 / 056 760 1343
Opening Times Always Open

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