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Picstagram is a unique social networking website that will soon offer the users a chance to earn while enjoying the familiar passion of social networking. It is forever FREE to use.

What We Plan And What We Will Doing
Picstagram FZ LLE was established in the Fujairah Free Zone, UAE on August 08, 2015. Since then we have slowly created some products and services that we actually using right now. Selfieholic Photobooth is Picstagram’s Event and Management Service provider that provides automatic photobooth services with unlimited printouts. Picstagram Web Design and Development is another services we offered to help and support the company operations expenditures.

We set our target goals to $1,500,000, this is where we start and where we do the proper steps to make this company sky rocket. Once bought, you will receive an e-certificate from us proving that you are a Picstagram Membership Shares Holder.

For every $300 dollar you support, You will get all the benefit of a Picstagram member share holder, they will get freebies, discounts and more.

Since we where published and featured by local, international and online news and tv networks, All contribution will be used for Development t make sure that this project will come to reality. Either we hit the goal or not, this project will push through. Aside from the social networking, we will start the development of our other assets to help Picstagram to self-sustain its operation and marketing, some of the Projects and Products are,,,,,,,,,,

History is Destine To Repeat Itself

Years way back, all start-ups started with funding from friends, family, angel investors and venture capitalist. Though not all become successful, we have seen how these companies turns into a billion dollar business in 5 years time.

Picstagram has a unique design that build us the confidence that it will become successful. We will be having our own products, sub-businesses to make sure that its operation and marketing expenditures will be self-supported.

We are not reaching out just to be funded, we want to open this opportunity for others to join us, we always can’t tell what the future holds, but what if this opportunity which is today, becomes the biggest thing of tomorrow.

Want To Sell Your Membership Shares After 3 Years? We Will Buy It Back!
Yes you read it right, you can sell out your membership after 3 years and we will price it on the current market value. The more products and services Picstagram created your share value continues to increase as well.

Risks & Challenges
We cannot compete with giants, but what we can do is to have a unique directions to success.

Other Ways You Can Help

Help us by contributing, sharing this opportunity to you family, friends, groups and let this wonder opportunity be known, before the campaign ends.



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